Chiropractic Care – A Natural Approach

Chiropractic care is an alternative and complementary medical care that is concerned with the examination and diagnosis of musculoskeletal disorders of the spine, specifically the neck. Chiropractors examine your health history, perform tests on you to establish the cause of your symptoms and then recommend treatment that will help your body become better balanced and pain free. They are also trained to use specific treatments to treat the specific disorder or condition that they are examining.

Chiropractic care is based on several theories. These theories include the theory of gravity, which states that the force of gravity that applies to the Earth is constant. There is also a belief that when the spinal column is in a misalignment it causes problems with the body, particularly the neck. This is known as the Chiropractic theory of spine alignment.

Chiropractors can perform diagnostic tests to determine the underlying cause of the problem that they are treating. These tests can include x-rays, MRI, and bone densitometry. They can also conduct laboratory tests on you that will determine how much weight is being added to your bones by the day. If your body weight is increasing without the addition of weight, there is most likely a misalignment of the spine that needs to be corrected.

You may not realize this but chiropractors have many treatment options for the condition that they are treating. One option is spinal decompression. This is a process that involves gently applying pressure to the soft tissue of the back and neck, which helps to reduce inflammation and helps to relieve pain. This can be performed by a chiropractor during a consultation or at home after you return from work.

Chiropractors also use ultrasound beams to treat the spine and correct spinal misalignment. This procedure is usually performed by a chiropractor during a routine office visit. The ultrasound beams move up and down the spine through tiny holes. This movement is helpful in correcting the spine because it makes it easier for the chiropractor to see the exact spot of the problem so that they can adjust it and correct the problem.

Chiropractors have many uses and can help your body to become healthier and pain free. they can help correct problems like neck pain, head aches, sciatica, and carpal tunnel syndrome and a whole host of other conditions. To learn more about the chiropractic care that you may need please call your local chiropractic clinic and find out how they can help you.